[PlanetCCRMA] Updaters. A personal observation

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Mon Mar 28 13:14:01 2005

Hi folks. Just a little something to break up the really heavy stuff. We'll 
put Mandrake to one side caus on my latest re-install of Mandrake 10.0 it 
seems you have to pay and join the Mandrake club to get updates! Right. That 
out of the way, FC! and FC2 I'm very happy with, apart from up2date. I've had 
up to 40+ instances of up2date started to try and get an update completed. 
Perhaps it's my machines, but it seems to freeze continually, then you have 
to start it again and it starts from point "0" for your update. Same goes if 
you get timed out by you're ISP. I' m on dial-up. Since finding planetccrma 
and apt, I've never been happier with updates. Apt not only works, but has 
resume support if you lose your connection, has a time out on the shell, so 
you only have to run perhaps, apt-get dist-upgrade again, and it carries on 
where it left off.  Yum works easily as well for getting Fedora Legacy 
updates for FC1 and earlier. The only downside is that if you lose your 
Internet connection it doesn't time-out. You have to close the terminal in a 
bit of an undignified way and re-open it, and run Yum update again. Not such 
a big deal, as at least it again carries on from where it left off. This 
afternoon just passing time on planetccrma webpages I found a link for sound 
stuff for Slackware, and another link for an updater for Slackware 
"slapt-get" . This is the first time I've been able to get updates for 
Slackware 10.0 and they are running at the moment. Its apt, but yum, caus it 
works well with resume support but, if you lose your connection you have to 
re-start the shell terminal and run slapt-get --upgrade again. If Mark Knecht 
is reading this I'd be interested in how you get on with up2date, and if 
you'd had any of the constant freezing problems that I've experienced. Nigel.