[PlanetCCRMA] One more question

Bradley S. Campbell bsc3j@virginia.edu
Thu Mar 17 19:02:02 2005

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Hi (again) everyone!<br>
As sort of an analogue to the question I just send -- I realize that
rezound is a for-sure JACK-enabled alternative to sweep.&nbsp; However, when
I attempt to use rezound to open .wav's (which is the format most of my
samples are in), I get a rather strange error -- I get a warning dialog
box that says the following:<br>
"libaudiofile reports that <i>dir/dir/file.wav</i> contains <i>x</i>
sample frames yet the file is most likely not large enough to contain
that many samples.<br>
Loading what can be loaded."<br>
<i>x</i> in these cases usually tends to be on the order of
100,000,000,000,000 or greater; I know that it's not remotely possible
for a 11kHz 3-4 second .wav file to have that many frames.&nbsp; When I
attempt to open a file with rezound and its open file dialog box
displays, .wav's are displayed differently from any other type of sound
file on the system as well.&nbsp; Whereas every other type of audio file's
icon looks like a sheet of paper, .wavs' icons look like a small
Windows .exe icon, which is rather curious.&nbsp; Also, whenever I attempt
to play a .wav in xmms (regardless of whether I use alsa or JACK
outputs), the regular sound material plays and then the file continues
to play past its allotted time and plays what sounds like when you put
a data cd into a cd player (basically white noise).&nbsp; Only when I use
aplay from the command line am I able to get a .wav to play correctly
on my system.&nbsp; <br>
If anyone has any idea of how to resolve any of these issues, I'd be
most appreciative!<br>
kernel 2.6.10-0.6.rdt.rhfc3.ccrma<br>
Fedora Core 3<br>
Dell OptiPlex GX400
1.8GHz Pentium IV (no HT)
Audio Type:&nbsp; Soundblaster emulation
Audio Controller:&nbsp; Analog Devices AD1885 AC97 Codec w/ 16-bit stereo
intel8x0 with i850 chipset<br>
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