[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with 96kHz playback, HDSP 9652, ADI2-Pro

Sebastian Doeweling lists@inshadows.de
Mon Mar 7 07:08:01 2005


after successfully setting up my Hammerfall HDSP 9652 a few month ago
(with the help of some people here) and some other projects that needed 
some work, I'm now back again on using the Hammerfall.
So I'm ready to present new problems ;):

I recently added an ADI-2 to the setup, connected via ADAT (HDSP Adat 1) 
  and tried to playback some of the testsamples from the RME page. When 
I work at 44,1 kHz everything works fine, on 96 kHz mode ... silence.

I do get an amplitude on Out1, yet nothing happends on the ADAT links, 
when I play the 96 kHz sample. It does work in Windows, so the hardware 
seems to be o.k.

Anyone with ideas how to solve this?

Best regards,