[PlanetCCRMA] Connecting multiface after startup

Aengus Martin Aengus Martin <aengus@gmail.com>
Fri Mar 4 12:20:02 2005


I have a nicely working fc3 system on a laptop with an RME
PCMCIA+multiface setup (thanks all concerned at Planet CCRMA). I have
a small question which may reveal as much about my lack of
understanding about linux starting up as anything else:

If I forget to plug in the multiface before I up the laptop, how do I
get it working after I plug it in?

hdsploader gives an error about the multiface not being found.

When I do plug it in before startup, the "host error" light on the
multiface box goes out as soon as the line "initializing... storage
network audio" completes after init starts, but I can't find what
process or script is being run which generates this line.

thanks in advance,
Aengus Martin