[PlanetCCRMA] DiGi9652 or HDSP9652 ?

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Tue Mar 1 07:07:02 2005

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005 15:15:43 +0100, Michele Spinolo
<michele.spinolo@tin.it> wrote:
> > It's primarily the hardware mixer (and MIDI support) than makes the
> > hdsp9652 different from the Hammerfall. With the Hammerfall there is
> > no mixing and all level setting must be done using alsa commands.
> Hi Mark,
> I am back again on this topic because it seems quite difficult to find a
> used HDSP9652 for a reasonable price, while used DiGi9652 are considerably
> cheaper.

Yes, they are expensive...

> So what do you mean by "alsa commands"? Do you mean using alsamixer to set
> channel level, muting, etc?

Yes, exactly.

> I won't use any mixing function, all I need is to set levels at max level,
> taking 6 channels from ADAT input at 24bit/48Khz and outputting 6 (or more)
> channels at 24bit/48Khz from ADAT output after BruteFir convolution.
> I will probably use in near future wordclock out too to sync with a ADI-8
> Pro, but I think both HDSP and DiGi allow this feature.
> What about syncing more than one DiGi9652 card? Do you know if is it
> possible?

I beleive that it is but I've not tested that sort of feature. I have
a Digi9636 in one of my Windows boxes. Under Windows I tell it to sync
to ADAT and it works. I am highly sure that if I had two or three fo
these cards in the same or differnt boxes I'd be able to sync them.
Rme is very good about that stuff.

I do not know if that is possible under Linux. We need to find a Linux
user. Steve Harris possibly?

Word clock is a Digi9652 capability only. My 9636 doesn't have that.
My HDSP9652 does and it works fine when I use it.