[PlanetCCRMA] new start for ccrma...

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 31 10:25:02 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 10:06, Nick Zuccaro wrote:
> after months of frustration trying to get linux AND ccrma
> working i'm going to reformat my hd and start over from scratch
> - i'm wondering from your collective expierence what is the most
> stable, reliable, likley-to-work combination of redhat version
> to start from, and ccrma version that's the least buggy?? i
> think i'd like to stick with fedora if it's at all possible -
> VERY IMPORTANT: my system is not online, i only have wireless
> and linux isn't supported by my card vendor so i've got to work
> from discs. 

Argh, I have to generate iso's for fc2/3. I have not done that yet. So
that's a major stumbling block if you are not connected to the network. 

> i had fc1 installed, tried to install ccrma and that
> failed, 

On top of fc1? How did it fail? That should work. 

> tried the fc3 upgrade, tried ccrma for fc3 and that
> failed with dependency issues. are there any tricks to redoing
> the redhat install that will help me out, like to do a full full
> install?? 

If you are limited to "sneaker net" then you'll have to stick with fc1
or wait till I get fc2/3 images out. 

> is gnome or kde better for ccrma? 

Same, I guess. A matter of preferences. Some people like other, more
lightweight window managers (fluxbox comes to mind). 

> i'm basically
> screwed now with nothing to loose at this point - the whole
> dependency thing with linux bites the big one as far as i'm
> concerned. :) 

You will find dependency problems if you mix repositories, that is, if
you try to install fc1 packages on top of fc3 or something similar.
Within a version they should not happen, unless you are using multiple
incompatible repositories other than Planet CCRMA, or you have installed
packages in the past with "--nodeps" or "--force" (bad idea). 

-- Fernando