[PlanetCCRMA] virmidi and pd

Andres Cabrera andres@geminiflux.com
Mon Jan 31 08:48:01 2005

Thanks Emiliano,

I had already tried that, and was confused because running pd -mididev 
31 seemed to have no effect because the MIDI device had no name, and 
trying to select another device only showed 'none'. But MIDI information 
is travelling properly now. Everything was fine from the beggining, I 
just let myself be confused by the MIDI devices menu.
The conlusion is that you must set -mididev on the command line, since 
it is not possible to select these devices from the graphical menu.


Emiliano Grilli wrote:
> lunedì, 31 gennaio 2005 alle 11:06:29, Andres Cabrera ha scritto:
>>(Maybe I'm using virmidi wrong...)
> If I recall correctly you have to create a symlink in /dev ...
> The correct answer should be there (beware the long line):
> http://linux-sound.org/quick-toots/4-sequencers_and_softsynths/quick-toot-midisynth_howto.html