[PlanetCCRMA] RME Fireface

Peter Baumgartner peter@bssmusic.de
Sun Jan 30 01:03:02 2005

Hi @ all,
Iīm reading this list for some months and getting serious now: 
Planning to build up an Ardour workstation I have bought a used Compac W6000. 
FC3 installs and runs fine, I downloaded the isoīs for Planet-CCRMA yesterday 
and want to install them today.
But now to the soundcard: After frustrating experiences with Terratec EWX 
24/96 (sounds like Monacor in a garage) and Delta audiophile (hm...) I need a 
good at-least-8-analogue-channel-soundcard.
Is there already somebody experienced with the RME Fireface? Yes, itīs 
expensive, I know, but I have to integrate 2 DA 88 (no Hammerfall, sigh) and 
some analogue devices including a Yamaha desk, so it might be a good choice, 
I donīt like MOTUs very much.

Any hints or links?