[PlanetCCRMA] radeon 9700 fc3

Ben Moran planetccrma@benmoran.net
Thu Jan 27 12:15:02 2005

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 08:45, Steve Harris wrote:
> You need to apply a patch to the ATI source to get it to build - its quite
> hard to do and I gave up, which is why I'm currently not using a Planet
> kernel - livna.org provides binary RPMs against the FC2 (and 3 I guess)
> kernels.
> You could get the source RPM from livna and rebuild it against the Planet
> kernel, but I dont know how to do that offhand. If you do manage it, I'd
> be very happy to recieve a RPM built agasint the Planet kernel :)

It is possible, I managed to get fglrx 3.14.6 to work with FC2. But it was

 - Get the Livna src RPM, fail to build successfully
 - Google around "fglrx 2.6.10", locate additional patches in random Web
   forums, apply them hopefully, get frustrated
 - Edit patches blindly until they applied

I think it depended on the exact FC2 kernel I was running as well.

I have the rebuilt RPMs now (ati-fglrx-3.14.6-0.lvn.2.2.i686.rpm and
but nowhere to distribute them from.  I should probably work out exactly
what changes I made to rebuild the src rpm.

Now, has anyone got ACPI suspend working with CCRMA FC2, fglrx and a Dell
8600? :)