[PlanetCCRMA] MMC/clock or MTC sync anyone?

Louis van Dompselaar louis@dompselaar.org
Mon Jan 24 13:16:01 2005

> Answering self partially, apparently no. Ardour may follow MIDI Time
> Clock (MTC) if it's configured to do that AND it receives MTC, but
> Ardour does not respond to MIDI Machine Control.

Did you check "Receive MMC" in the MIDI options tab?

I can get Ardour to start and stop (the latter with some delay).
It is jerky though.  It starts, stalls, jumps to around 1.5 seconds,
stops again, restarts, stalls again and then seems to run okay.
And this is on a new, clean session.

I'll see if I have anything else that sends MTC, to check.