[PlanetCCRMA] FC1/FC3 dual boot experiences

jim branagan ccrma@themusenashville.com
Mon Jan 17 20:40:02 2005

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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:<br>
<blockquote type="cite"
  <pre wrap="">On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 07:24, Crispin wrote:
  <blockquote type="cite">
    <blockquote type="cite">
      <pre wrap="">as far as nvidia drivers go (video card, i assume), using a 
fedora core
2 installation will allow you to go to kernel 2.6.8 - anything above
that breaks all of the nvidia card drivers (as far as i can make out).
    <pre wrap="">Is it possible to use 2.4 kernels with FC2?  I've tried 2.6 (I forget which)
on my RH9 installation and it constantly had problems, 2.4 on the other hand
is stable.
  <pre wrap=""><!---->
I tried a couple of times but there were several small issues with kudzu
redetecting devices when rebooting into the 2.4.x kernels (and back into
2.6). I don't really remember all the details (this was a while ago),
but there were enough little problems that I did not consider that an
option for running Planet CCRMA on top of FC2. It may work for
individuals willing to deal with the stuff, but not for releasing an
official version. Of course I'm sure it is possible, but there are only
so many hours in a day. 

-- Fernando

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I am dual-booting fc1+planet CCRMA / fc3 (no planet yet) on my desktop
at home.&nbsp; I'm using separate partitions for the systems, and separate
logins/home directories - the KDE desktop setups have to be separate;
otherwise logging in to any of fc1, fc2, fc3 destroys the desktop
settings for the other two. <br>
I can't get the chain loader to work on this box (no BIOS disk when I
try to install grub on the fc1 root disk; I think its something about
my Promise Tech PCI ATA card not wanting to boot from anything but the
first drive).&nbsp; So, I boot both releases from the fc3 boot directory -
this requires copying the kernel and initrd images from the fc1 /boot
to the fc3 /boot, and manually updating the fc3 grub.conf when the fc1
kernel changes; but since fc1 will shortly become irrelevent (I hope) I
don't care.<br>
Every time I reboot from fc3 to fc1, kudzu wants to uninstall some or
all of my hardware, then re-install it all again.&nbsp; The ethernet card is
always un/re-installed, the video card sometimes is, and the
on-motherboard USB hub, and other motherboard devices sometimes.&nbsp; The
NIC doesn't work again in fc1 unless I let kudzu un/re-install it; the
rest of the stuff doesn't seem to matter.&nbsp; Other than a short delay
booting, it doesn't actually cause any problems.&nbsp; <br>
I presume fc3 is downloading some different firmware or device
settings, since this does not happen if I shutdown, and disconnect the
power cord between boots.<br>
The first time kudzu did this, my combo cd writer/dvd rom stopped
working, but it turned out that it was nothing more than kudzu changing
it from /dev/hdc to /dev/scd0 (without automatically updating fstab).&nbsp; <br>
>From what I've seen, dual-booting 2.4/2.6 on the same root file system
would probably be a disaster.&nbsp; Too many things changed/moved.<br>
On my desktop at home fc3 came up and runs reliably with no real
difficulties, and has FAR BETTER performance than fc1 or fc2 (I never
got fc2 to run reliably on this machine, but have run fc2 with and
without planet CCRMA on a laptop with no problems).&nbsp; <br>
If you're thinking of upgrading from fc1, I'd definitely recommend
jumping over fc2 to fc3.&nbsp; But, turn SElinux off until you're prepared
to spend some time learning and configuring it.&nbsp; Also note that fc3
ext3 file systems are incompatible with the fc1 file system checker -
if you dual boot fc1/fc3, the fc3-formatted file systems have to be set
for no check (0 0 at the end of the fstab lines) to get fc1 to boot
with them.&nbsp; This is only an issue with file systems formatted under
fc3; file systems formatted with fc1 and reused for fc3 don't show this
problem.&nbsp; I'm sure there's something in the FC3 release notes about
this, but I haven't found it.<br>
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e. james branagan
the MUSE &sect; Nashville, TN