[PlanetCCRMA] Weird Synaptic Errors

kurtz kurtz611@yahoo.es
Thu Jan 13 04:09:02 2005

jim branagan escribe:
> The second problem I'm seeing is that in synaptic, 'update list' always 
> fails (with a message box that vanishes on its own in a fraction of a 
> second - I have no idea what it says).  'apt-get update' always works 
> though.  This only seems to be a problem on systems where I have unpacked 
> the planet iso images onto my hard drive and use 'file:' instead of 
> 'cdrom:' in sources.list.  Is this a known bug in synaptic?

>From Debian days, I find apt-get a much more reliable piece of
software than Synaptic. Moreover, aptitude is far more powerful than
Synaptic and almost as reliable as apt-get, but AFAIK there is no port
of aptitude to FC.