[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Alsa & OSS probs re: Mark

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 10 19:09:01 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 18:33, nigel henry wrote:
> Hi Fernando. The text I'm reffering to is when booting up the system.Why
> Alsa should already be running as the system is booting up is a bit
> strange. 

No, not really, one example why. Hotplug. It could be detecting, for
example, a usb device and then loading the corresponding alsa driver.
Hotplug runs very early in the boot sequence and does not differentiate
between type of devices, if something is there it starts the right
module for it (which could be an alsa module). 

BTW, what is the history of the system in question? Was it a fresh fc2
install? Was it an upgrade from a different system?

> Music player is normally using Arts on the KDE desktop, and
> looking in ARTS its configured to use Alsa as default. The only card
> thats enabled is the Audigy 2 in a PCI slot. The onboard card is
> disabled by means of a jumper on the mobo. I've got no USB soundcard,
> only a USB Midi keyboard (Evolution 225C). 

That counts as a "sound" card. That is what is triggering the load of
the "usb_midi" oss midi support module. 

But wait. 

You said you were running fc2. And the kernel was 2.6.10 something
(could you please post the complete version number?? It is not good to
not have correct information, "uname -r" to know).

The module listing you sent to the list included "audio" and "usb_midi".
audio                  36612  0
usb_midi               19464  0

On both the latest official Fedora kernel for FC2 and on Planet CCRMA's
2.6.10-2.1.ll.rhfc2.ccrma kernels "usb_midi" exists (surprising!, I
don't think it should be there!). But the "audio" module does not exist
at all. 

I don't understand. Either I'm not searching right for the module or you
are not running the kernel you think you are running or you are listing
the output of lsmod in the wrong computer (all highly unlikely). 

> Cant get any output from
> cat/proc/asound/cards or devices (no such files or directories) 

Then alsa is not running at that point. If the snd- modules are loaded
then the /proc/asound directory and its files should exist. If it
doesn't, and at the _exact same time_ you have the snd-* modules loaded
something is very very wrong (I don't think that can happen). 

It is important to know _when_ you see this. And try it when sound is
working and when sound is not working. 

> Nothing from Kudzu either. 

Did you try blacklisting "audio" and "usb_midi" as I suggested?
-- Fernando