[PlanetCCRMA] Alsa vs OSS problems. Doh.

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Mon Jan 10 13:20:02 2005

Hi all. Running planetccrma kernel 2.6.10-2.11.rhfc2.ccrma. Serious problems 
with, I think an Alsa/OSS conflict. Verbose boot up starts giving. 
Alsa driver already running.  then. 2 instances of.
Starting sound driver snd-emu10K1         OK.  then 
starting sequencer , etc.
The CD player will work by default.
On FC1 double clicking on files ripped from CD's will play ok.
On FC1 Music player will play ok. But this is without any of the ccrma stuff 
On FC2 if I try Music player with kernel 2.6.10 I get  (Alsa device "default" 
does not exist)
The CD player works. Hydrogen will play sounds, Rosegarden will play sounds, 
and if Qamix which gives me a couple of options for the soundcard is set 
right, will also allow the Evolution 225C keyboard to work.
Qamix gives me 2 options. USB-Audio (hw:0) or Audigy2 (hw:1) or if I run 
/usr/sbin/alsaconf again, just the one option of Audigy (hw:0) . With the 
first configuration with the USB and Audigy 1 options the keyboard is loaded 
into Hydrogens Midi menu and Rosegardens. But with the Audigy 0 when 
rerunning alsaconf the Evolution 225C doesn't exist in the menu options.
Another problem is with Alsamixer. After running it and saving the settings to 
/usr/sbin/alsactl store, the next time I reboot the settings are not 
restored, and running /usr/sbin/alsactl restore gives me a load of errors.
Then when I try to access alsamixer I get "No mixer elems found". 
It's all going seriously over the edge!
I've got a print out from /sbin/lsmod but don't know what I'm looking for to 
see if the OSS module is still loaded into the Audigy 2 soundcard, and might 
be responsible for all these problems.
I don't know how to copy the output for /sbin/lsmod to the email client. If 
someone can help me with that, there might be half a chance to see if the OSS 
modules are still loaded in the soundcard. Nigel. and definately not giving 
up on Linux.