[PlanetCCRMA] Re: YAUAQ (yet another USB audio question): Roland UA-25

Diemo Schwarz Diemo.Schwarz@ircam.fr
Mon Jan 10 02:11:00 2005

Hi Luis,

I took the liberty to cc this to both interested lists.

Luis Garrido wrote:
 > Hi, Diemo.
 > I saw this message of yours at the planet CCRMA forum. Did you acquire
 > this unit?
 > I bought myself an UA-25 unit and I am having a hard time making it work
 > with Agnula DeMuDi. So far I got the audio part working, but in a choppy
 > noisy way.

I had the chance to try a UA-25 on Linux with an old distibution (RH 8) and 
ALSA (0.96).  With the standard usb-audio module, and when the device is set to 
   basic mode, audio i/o works (analog and digital), presumably in 16bit, but 
no MIDI (didn't try too hard, though).

 > Before downloading the Fedora/CCRMA stuff, I would be grateful if you
 > could tell me whether you succeeded or not in making it work under this
 > distro.

I haven't made it to upgrade to ALSA 1.0.7 yet, which claims support for this 
card.  I don't know which ALSA version comes with the latest PlanetCCRMA/FC3, 
the page 
stops at FC1, and the directories for fedora can't be listed (server config 

> Besides, when I power up my UA-25 I hear a high frequency hiss coming 
> from the unit itself (not the speakers). After some time of the unit 
> being powered (around 5 minutes) I can cut the hiss by pressing the 
> Mon.Sw. button. Did you experience such a noise?

Ah!  That explains what I experienced twice.  I always thought it was my 
cables that were faulty and some wiggling did remove the hiss!  Thanks for 
pointing this out!

BTW:  There is now a heavy contender, but with firewire, alas.  (Any news about 
firewire audio for Linux, anyone?):

6 in, 10 out, SPDIF, MIDI, bus or externally powered
Insiders claim it has two very good sounding preamps, as that's where Presonus 
came from.


> Best regards,
> Luis
 >> Diemo wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Roland have a new mobile USB interface out, the UA-25:
>> http://www.edirol.com/products/info/ua25.html
>> (Everything I need: 2 chan, 24bit, Mic in, digital i/o, Midi, with 
>> 500g half
>> the weight of the Tascam US-122 http://www.tascam.de/en/us-122.html)
>> Can anyone say if it will work with Linux?  Anything about 
>> compatibility with
>> the existing ALSA USB audio drivers (that work with the UA-20, for 
>> instance)?
>> Cheers...
>>                                 ...Diemo

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