[PlanetCCRMA] upgrade questions

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Wed Jan 5 05:02:02 2005


  I'm planning to upgrade my machines this week, and I want to be sure I 
do it as efficiently as possible. I currently have the following 
configurations here:

        Planet C RH 9
        AGNULA/Demudi 1.2.0

        Planet C RH 9

  I want to replace Planet C on the laptop with AGNULA/Demudi, that's no 
problem. However, I want to replace Demudi on my desktop machine with a 
Fedora Core system. The FC system is intended as an experimental 
installation, so I'm quite willing to try out the bleeding edge with 
FC3. Alas, I'm not at all sure how to do do that with Planet C. I see no 
FC3 ISOs, only FC2: should I install FC2 and then upgrade ? Or is the 
FC3 collection hidden away somewhere in the recesses of the Planet 
repositories ?

  Advice, suggestions,  and tales of experiences are most welcome.