[PlanetCCRMA] jack-connection-kit-devel problems when compiling freewheeling

Shayne O'Connor machine@machinehasnoagenda.com
Tue Jan 4 22:08:01 2005

hi there

i've been trying to compile this awesome-looking piece of software -
http://freewheeling.sourceforge.net/. it configures okay, but when i go
to "make" it, it can't find libjack.la ...

i've got the jack-connection-kit development libraries installed so that
file should be there, shouldn't it (i did a search on rpmbone and it
listed libjack.la as a file that is installed with - at least - the
previous version of that package)?

i did a "find / -name 'libjack.la'" but it didn't come up with anything
either :(