[PlanetCCRMA] redhat 9 to fedora 2

Samuel Sieb samuel@sieb.net
Mon Jan 3 22:43:02 2005

jamie anderson wrote:
> I was wondering how well it would work to change my apt sources & conf files 
> from redhat 9 to fedora 2 to upgrade my system.  The reason is that I have a 
> winfast tv 2000 xp deluxe card that I can't get to work under the current 
> kernel & thought that this might work (2.6 kernel), but I don't want to lose 
> all of the configurations that I have taken so much time to setup.  
It's doable, but tricky.  You can't just do one big upgrade.  You have 
to fiddle with the packages a bit and do some a bit at a time.  I did 
manage to get it to work, but it was very difficult.

You're much better off to just do an upgrade using the CDs.  It's a lot 
quicker (and very much easier) that way and you'll still keep your