[PlanetCCRMA] Planet FC3 kernel

Gunther Thoenes gunther.thoenes@hamburg.de
Sun Jan 2 05:16:02 2005

Hi all,
and highly creatively in the new Year 2005.
I read this list since FC3 operates on my PC. Previously RH9 and planet-
ccrma-core kernel with caps had work on my box. To my surprise asked the
RH9 ccrma-kernel to detect the windows binary driver my old Haupauge PVR
pci card. Thenceforwards booted Linux with the TVcard, without boot
windows before:-)
Currently the planet-ccrma FC3 kernel is not installed on my box. 
My question: Is this possible with the new planet-ccrma FC3 kernel?

Please forgives my denglish.