[PlanetCCRMA] Cinelerra crash

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo@dellorfano.net
Sun Feb 27 21:01:00 2005

Well, after a hard drive blew on my CCRMA machine, I replaced it and did
an upgrade to Fedora Core 2 (previously ran core 1). My hardware runs
with the patched low latency kernel. Unfortunately, cinelerra crashes
after I try to do anything, especially loading a file. It crashes if I
select something from the menu, etc. I deleted this and downloaded the
most up to date version (1.2.2) from the Heroine Warrior site and this
works well (except alsa sound doesn't work since the binaries were
complied against a different alsa library). 

I was wondering if anybody else had trouble with cinelerra 1.2.1 from
the planet under fc2 (nothing turned up on a search of the archived
lists). I have not tested it against any other kernel but I can
certainly do so if it would be useful to anyone else.

-Joe Dell'Orfano