[PlanetCCRMA] Repository Wars.

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Sun Feb 27 17:32:00 2005

Hi Fernando. Is there some sort of repository war going on akin to the "Bill 
Gates I own the software world" syndrome? I was looking for a step sequencer 
that I could use my extensive library of .wav files with and found one at the 
linux-sound.org site, which linked me to dag. As they had an apt url I 
thought I'd use it. Dl'd the soundtracker program after running apt-get 
update, all the planet stuff was there as well as dag's so everthing seemed 
ok. The soundtracker program wouldn't produce any sound so I thought I'd DL a 
MOD player just to check out the sounds. Ran apt-get update again. Now I get 
dag and about 7 other hits that I hadn't entered in the sources.list and the 
planet has been booted out. Looked in /etc/apt/ and there is a new 
sources.list.d with dag and all the other new ones in. The sources.list with 
the planet url's has vanished. I've just nuked the new sources.list.d and an 
apt.conf.d that has appeared and if thats the way that dag want to play the 
game tjhey can keep their repository. I've been very happy with planetccrma, 
and have just got to get the urls set back in to a sources.list to continue 
using it. Whats ironic is that dag say they are trying to get some sort of 
conformity between the different repositories so that there arn't conflicts, 
and the planet is mentioned amongst the others. To find that the planet has 
been booted off my machine is almost beyond belief. As you can probably 
gather I'm feeling just a tad annoyed at the moment. I'm not too clued up on 
reverting files to their previous state and have got to try and restore the 
planet's sources.list somehow. Nigel.