[PlanetCCRMA] multiple card synching

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Fri Feb 25 00:39:01 2005

> That would be the z8.8a (further down in the page). And yes, they are
> expensive. I think I must have been the first user of the z8.8a as it
> was not really working and had to get a firmware upgrade from them that
> finally fixed it :-)
> -- Fernando

Hi Fernando,

it seems I found a used z-8.8a unit for a quite cheap price (650$) and going
to buy it: I was wondering if you could be so kind to provide some more
First the owner told me it's "some time it has not been powered up", so I
was wondering how to check firmware release in order to do not buy a not
working unit, and if the firmware is easy to upgrade.
Then could you please tell me if you ever made some sample rate conversion
quality test and its results?

Thank you very much!