[PlanetCCRMA] multiple card synching

linux_chaos linux_chaos@yahoo.de
Thu Feb 24 12:25:00 2005

hi again,

Am Don, 2005-02-24 um 19.49 schrieb Michele Spinolo:
> > hi michele,
> >
> > i am using an ews88mt. i did not have the problem yet, because i only
> > use that one card. but as far as i understood, the "original terratec
> > ews-sync" does exactly the same as shown at the posted link. so i think
> > it would not help you, to try that soldering thing. perhaps the shown
> > alsa-configuration could help you, after you connected and "jumpered"
> > the "original terratec ews-sync" ...
> >
> > but i am not an expert, perhaps i understood wrong ....
> >
> > greetings l.chaos
> Hi l.chaos,
> thank you for your help.
> Terratec ews-sync would be in fact the solution to my problem, BUT it's not
> just an hardware set up, you also need to set a card as master and others as
> slave by software.
now i got interested ;-) and looked in the users manuel (but only the
german version, so perhaps i use the wrong words for it :-)
there stands, that you have to connect the cards with the cable and then
set the first with internal clock and the others with external clock. up
to my manual thats all you have to do.

i do not know, if this is right, but it is standing in the manual and as
far as i understood it, it makes sense ...

something else:
1) an idea for your search of an external s/pdif-sync: i think
midiman/m-audio had something like that for a not too high price ...

2)"I contacted the ICE1712 mantainer and author, but I had the feeling
he was
not interested adding this capabilities to ICE1712 driver.
I'll give another try!"

great - do that! after reading of your problem, i myself will also need
that, if i have enough money to look for a second card :-( 

greetings l.chaos

> This functions is not allowed by actual ICE1712 driver, and you have no
> chance to set slave cards to get sync signal by ews-sync connector. :-(
> Bye
> Michele