[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Yum enabling

Matt Barber Matt Barber <brbrofsvl@gmail.com>
Sat Feb 19 12:08:01 2005

->Apt also can't handle 32/64 bit libraries side by side (so I'm told).
Yum's much better for that (so I'm told). If this is true, I'd urge you
to use yum so that 64 bit systems that don't have native 64 bit
libraries for your programs should work (from what I'm told)... or
something like that.<-

This would require rebuilding all the packages for 64-bit.  Some
things rebuild quite nicely; others seem not to have been made with
64-bits in mind, and thus require a great deal of Makefile or
configure script patching.  Spec files have to be tweaked to get
libraries to install to the right place, too, for any packages that
install in /usr/lib normally.  I've been working on this some on my
own, using the ccrma packages, but there are still plenty of bugs to
be worked out with some of the packages that do build, and still
plenty of packages I haven't gotten to build yet.