[PlanetCCRMA]new mailing list: planetccrmanews

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Feb 11 12:30:01 2005

Hi all...

In just a moment you will all be subscribed to the new Planet CCRMA News
mailing list and will receive an administrative message confirming your
subscription, which will include a password you can use to change the
subscription options and/or unsubscribe from the new list (but you
probably don't want to unsubscribe, see below). 


>From that point on I'll be posting announcements and news to the Planet
CCRMA News mailing list _only_. Follow ups _should_ (not tested) be
directed by the Reply-To: header to the regular Planet CCRMA mailing
list. We'll see how that works. Posts to the News mailing list will be
silently ignored (the proper venue for questions and discussion is the
main mailing list). 

So, if you want to keep updated and participate in general discussions,
and/or contribute to the Planet CCRMA community by answering questions
on the main list, you need to do nothing. If you want to reduce your
email intake and go on a low calories Planet CCRMA Diet you could, I
suppose, unsubscribe from the regular Planet CCRMA list :-) 


-- Fernando