[PlanetCCRMA] soundblaster live resampling?

Crispin crispin@tropic.org.uk
Thu Feb 10 05:04:01 2005

>   im trying to setup a planet box that has an old pci 
> soundblaster live...
>  according to the alsa soundcard matrix, this card has its "Output
> always resampled to 48khz" ...  is this a bad thing?  im definitely a
> newbie with audio technical stuff, sorry for the dumb question..

Not a dumb questions by my standards (cue laughter from the rest of the
list)...  What the resampling means in theory is not a lot.  In practise
however, after a minute or two of recording the sound starts crackling badly
and is unusable.  I'm told this is because of a bug in the resampling
routines (by Creative maybe).

This can be avoided so long as you *always* run jack and use audio at 48KHz,
which I do, and it's fine.

> also, anyone using this card and getting good results for 
> recording live
> audio and midi?  i was looking into a firewire audio 
> interface, but after
> looking through the archives, looks like they are not 
> supoprted by alsa...

Yup, works fine for me!  Never tried recording audio and midi together
though.  It's mostly stable with about 21ms latency.