[PlanetCCRMA] Getting Jack to cooexist with xine...

David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Wed Feb 9 06:27:02 2005

Bikehead wrote:

> Currently, if I want to run an application like xine or CD player, I 
> have to stop the jack server first in order to release the audio 
> device.  Is there a better way to set this up so I don't have to do 
> this each time.  The Jack FAQ talks about jackit, but that doesn't 
> seem to be present in the CCRMA FC3 rpms.
> Thanks,
You're supposed to be able to set up an ALSA device that forwards stuff 
to Jack (which then sends it back to the real ALSA device):

This works for me in some cases but not unfortunately with musicpd - 
must try work it out properly some time