[PlanetCCRMA] Upgrade problems

Andrew Longland-Meech andrew@longland-meech.me.uk
Tue Feb 8 08:25:01 2005

Hi nando, hi list!

Hope someone can help/give me a few pointers/laugh at me :-) !

I had a PlanetCCRMA box that was working perfectly well under RH9, but I
decided it was about time for an upgrade (I know, I probably should have
left well alone, but I've got free net access at the moment and I knew
there'd be some pretty lengthy downloads!)

Anyway, I upgraded to FC1 from some magazine cover disks I had,
installed the new kernel, alsa, apt and synaptic as per web-site
instructions, did an update then a dist-upgrade. Everything seemed to go
without a hitch.

However, I now have the following problems (first one probably not
serious/worth bothering about):

1	On booting MySQL daemon fails with a timeout, and yet is running once
the system is up;

2	On shutting down, gets as far as "unmounting file systems", then
freezes, which means I have to shutdown "uncleanly", resulting in
request for integrity check on the next boot;

3	Most importantly both ardour and audacity segfault with no other error

Would I have been better doing a clean install of FC1 rather than an
upgrade (annoying)? Or would an upgrade/install of FC2 have been better
(is the Planet working satisfactorily on FC2 now?). I don't want to go
to FC3 yet - I prefer the trailing edge of technology (I was using a
CP/M machine until about four years ago when I discovered Linux for the
first time.)

Please anyone any ideas/pointers? Anyone else remember having probs like
this? Any more info required?


Andrew Longland-Meech <andrew@longland-meech.me.uk>