[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Loading modules at startup

Jon B epxcv1y02@sneakemail.com
Mon Feb 7 15:59:02 2005

> > how much of a hack?
> Not much, just add that line to that file... What I meant by hack is
> that there is probably a better more "proper" way of doing this.

I figured.  I was just asking in case it would cause any configuration
problems in the future or be overwritten by something.  I'll just keep
in mind that I did it.  It works; thanks.
> You mean realtime messaging?
> No, sorry, at least not for now. I don't know where I would get the time
> for that (I'm lagging in email already :-)

But with a chat room people besides you could help us with the newb
stuff while you worked on the difficult...  Same as the mailing list,
really, except faster back and forth.