[PlanetCCRMA] what's a stable mixture of fedora and ccrma for a fairly new linux user

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Mon Feb 7 14:30:02 2005

Either FC2 or FC3. 

Personally I think FC2 and the Planet flow go together very well. FC1
is getting a bit old and support for it will end a bit earlier. FC3 &
I had disagreements on my wife's machine, and I think the audio
packages for FC3 will soon catch up to what's available for FC2.

- Mark

On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 13:21:35 -0500, andy graybeal <graybeal@frognet.net> wrote:
> i'm new to linux and to ccrma ...
> i'm wondering if fc3 and ccrma are stable partners?
> i tried running ccrma with fc2 almost a year ago..and the experience was
> frustrating.   fc1 didn't work so well with my ibm thinkpad t22 laptop
> ... fc2 was just fine with my laptop, fc1 worked well with ccrma but fc2
> didn't.  i went back to ms.windows because i lost access to broadband
> and the frustrations with fc2 and ccrma were unenjoyable for me.  now i
> have broadband back (somewhat, i work at a restaurant that has
> broadband) and i'd like to get back into the swing of things again.
> for a newb.. what should i download to get started with ccrma?  what's
> the most easy stable mixture (if hardware is a concern.. again i have a
> ibm t22 thinkpad laptop... the soundcard that comes with it is all i
> have.. crystal soundfusion).
> i plan on using pure-data, a program  like steinberg wavelab, and a
> realtime spectral analysis program.  later on i'd like to play with csound.
> -andy
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