[PlanetCCRMA] SMP weirdness

Matt Barber Matt Barber <brbrofsvl@gmail.com>
Fri Feb 4 13:45:02 2005

/etc/X11/xorg.conf can have a lot to do with how mouse/keyboard
function (it's really fun getting Gentoo to find your input hardware,
for instance), but I don't think that should break if you are just
using a different kernel.  Sounds like maybe a module isn't being
loaded correctly... do you have exactly the same kernel with the only
difference being the smp?  I've had some trouble at home getting udev
to recognize my hardware - it could be something to look into there,


->> I'm having the most bizarre behaiviour of FC3 on my double-processor
> machine.
> Basically, though the machine boots up with an smp kernel (including
> standard FC3, and several smp versions of the PlanetCCRMA cores)
> without any apparent problems, keyboard and mouse are non-functional.
> Keyboard acts as if mapped to X cursor movement, and I can even control
> the cursor with it, mouse doesn't work at all.
> Is this some weird kind of configuration problem, or a problem with the
> kernels themselves? Would my recompiling the kernel manually help at
> all?
> If I boot the machine on a non-smp kernel, none of these problems occur
> at all.<-