[PlanetCCRMA] SMP weirdness

Pablo Silva hpsilva@servidor.unam.mx
Thu Feb 3 11:46:01 2005


I'm having the most bizarre behaiviour of FC3 on my double-processor 

Basically, though the machine boots up with an smp kernel (including 
standard FC3, and several smp versions of the PlanetCCRMA cores) 
without any apparent problems, keyboard and mouse are non-functional. 
Keyboard acts as if mapped to X cursor movement, and I can even control 
the cursor with it, mouse doesn't work at all.
Is this some weird kind of configuration problem, or a problem with the 
kernels themselves? Would my recompiling the kernel manually help at 

If I boot the machine on a non-smp kernel, none of these problems occur 
at all.

I'm conscious that FC3 is still very much immature, but problems at 
this level do seem a bit out of normal!

Thanks for the help...