[PlanetCCRMA] Muse problem with midi keyboard

Francisco Echeverria franciscoecheverria@vtr.net
Thu Feb 3 12:23:01 2005

Hi all...

I am a happy ccrma FC1 user from chile (what's that?!??!.... well it is 
a long thin country loocated at south america), and i think ccrma it's 
great (i am a acoustic and sound engineer, so i'm testing ccrma stuff 
for proffesional purposes), but i'm havin a little problem:
I have a midi keyboard connected via gameport and muse is not responding 
to midi input..... All other great softwares are working well via jack 
and midi but i have no clue to make work muse with my keyboard.... It is 
connected in jack patch-bay (audio, midi), but i get no notes when i 
record something, i can edit notes and they make sound. It woul be great 
if this work for me... please help me..... :(
well that's it.... thanks to ccrma team for making this possible....

pancho echeverria