[PlanetCCRMA] Loris

Jack Taylor jack.taylor60@ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 3 12:05:01 2005

Hi everybody!

I was wondering if you were aware of the Loris libary made by the guys at the CERL sound group. The URLs are:


>From the website:

Loris is an Open Source C++ class library implementing analysis, manipulation, and synthesis of digitized sounds using the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model. Loris supports modified resynthesis and manipulations of the model data, such as time- and frequency-scale modification and sound morphing. Loris includes support and wrapper code for building extension modules for various scripting languages (Python, Tcl, Perl).

-- snip --

This lets you do cool things like morphing a realistic-sounding "cellute" - a cross between a cello and a flute - using original waveforms, as well as being a very robust general sound model.

I'm not a member of the Loris team, but I think it would be great to make an rpm of it and add it to the Planet CCRMA repository so it can get some wider exposure. I don't know much about making rpms, so I thought I'd ask an experienced packager here if they'd be willing to do it rather than hashing through it myself. The latest version, 1.2.0, depends on fftw (2 or 3) and Python (equal to or greater than 1.5), and optionally outputs to perl, tcl, and Csound. It also has C++ and C wrappers. I've managed to get it compiled successfully on my updated FC3 PlanetCCRMA box, with fftw3 and just the python output.

Documentation is sparse at the moment, but I'm currently reading my way through Kelly Fitz's PhD dissertation so I can understand it and write a user guide for simple hackers like me :)

There is also a GUI to control it, called Fossa, which is available on their sourceforge page. I haven't been able to get it compiled though. I think it may still require fftw2, but I'm not sure.

Comments/Feedback appreciated!

Jack Taylor
Producer, Meridian Records
London, UK

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