[PlanetCCRMA] detailed envy24control documentation?

Matt Marian matt1@mattmarian.homelinux.com
Sat Dec 31 13:30:03 2005

Aaron Slocum wrote:

> Maybe Iím missing some of the thread here, but hereís my 2 centsÖ
> The 1010LT has jumpers on the actual card that switch the two XLR 
> inputs between line-level signal and pre-amp signal. If itís jumpered 
> to use the preamps of the card and youíre already using a pre-amp from 
> the guitar that seems to me like it would be bad ju-ju. On the other 
> hand, if you have a line signal that is not going through the preamps, 
> then youíll get very low sound.
> Check your 1010LT manual for directions on how to jumper it properly.
> HTH,
> Aaron
I agree, If the Taylor has a built in pre-amp and you have not changed 
the jumper(s) you will be pre-amping a pre-amped signal and that WILL 
cause distortion, and possibly do more nastyness to card and system . 
Again, IMHO, change the jumpers to line-level and use with a Mixing 
Board/or/direct box. Or leave the jumpers and use with mics only. In 
your case if the Taylor does have an XLR jack, then use directly into 
ports 1 or 2 - BUT DO change the jumpers if the Taylor really does have 
a pre-amp. Remember the jumpers only affect the 1st two signal input 
ports ( the XLR) on the card - all other channels/ports are simply 
line-level, but are 1/4" unbalanced inputs. - so you could experiment 
with those - but you would need a special wire/adapter going balance XLR 
down to 1/4" single pole(unbalanced) and that's a pain.
good luck and have fun.