[PlanetCCRMA] eraser tool crashes Muse in FC3

Benjamin Hardy drycellbattery@yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 10 22:42:00 2005

I have the latest version of muse available for Fedora Core 3. I am
running qjackctl, muse, hydrogen, and zynaddsubfx. I only setup one
track for zynaddsubfx and added notes in the pianoroll window. It plays
fine, but if I erase the segment in my track muse crashes. This is a
consistent thing. 
I'm new to adding a bug report, so I may need some help. What other
details are necessary, it's late now, and I'm too lazy/tired to continue
further. I'll try this again later, but I thought I'd email now in case
I forget.

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