[PlanetCCRMA] Sucess!

Bill Bain bill_bain99@yahoo.com
Sun Aug 28 12:06:01 2005

This morning I finally got Alsamixer, Jack, and Ardour
(all under FC4) figured out and I was able to
multitrack 4 acoustic tracks (2 mando, 2 guitar) with
no problems using the on-board sound on my lowly
Compaq DP PIII 1Ghz!  Compared to some of the
discussions recently, this might seem trivial, but
it's exciting to have it all come together.

My next step is to put in a M-audio DMAN PCI I've got
sitting around and get that working, since the
on-board sound is pretty noisy.  I'm not quite ready
to give up my AMD XP3000/WinXP/Aardvark 2496/Cakewalk
box yet, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. 
Thanks to everyone that helped!


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