[PlanetCCRMA] Alsamixer question/'Edge" kernal question

Bill Bain bill_bain99@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 11:23:02 2005

Thabks to every one who responded -- at this point I
now have Alsamixer and Alsactl working.  As the
PlanetCCRMA FAQ points out, alsactl was in another
directory than I was working from and once that was
pointed out, it worked fine.  RTFM! Doh!

THe GNOME Volume Control GUI allows setting alsamixer
without resorting to terminal mode, but for some
reason, it doesn't have any function to store the
settings that I could find.  That would be a nice

Kernal question:  Synaptic lists several possible
kernals available in the FC4 repository(ies).  How can
I tell which one is the "low latency" edge kernal?


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