[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Fedora Core - PlanetCCRMA - NVidia - OT

polly lister@bitwisetech.com
Thu Aug 25 06:26:02 2005

   My experience with Nvidia is, I've got
one Athlon 64 with FC3-planet-edge,
and nvidia 7676, runs ok but glxgears
does 30fps !! which I suspect is real time
patch related. I believe sometimes the CCRMA
stuff seems to be a problem when a new nvidia
driver comes out but I find often by mistake I
have not _rebooted_ after new kernel install before
building new nvidia.
   Other machine won't do the latest nvidia drivers
I think because the 'other' display adapter is
ATI "not of same type" as primary nvidia adapter.
It's at with nvidia 7174.
I keep 7174 for regression

HIH Cheers Polly