[PlanetCCRMA] No sound at all from Compaq Deskpro

fonse006 fonse006@csusm.edu
Sun Aug 21 22:18:00 2005

>===== Original Message From Bill Bain <bill_bain99@yahoo.com> =====
>The soundcard detection tells me that it's a Intel
>82801BA/BAM AC '97 chip, but no test sound plays, nor
>any CD's, etc.  I'm new to Linux -- how do I diagnose
>this one?  The BIOS doesn't permit me to turn off the
>onbaord sound, so that can't be it.
>Any help gratefully accepted.

You may have already tried this but one of the first things to check is if the 
card is muted or the volume is all the way down.  To do this go to your 
command prompt and type 
make sure that all of the volumes are up.  If everything looks good there you 
should check to see if the right drivers got loaded with this command
lsmod | grep snd
if nothing comes up then you are not loading the alsa modules.  If neither of 
those things help get things running post an update along with any sort of 
output you can find about your alsa setup.  Thanks.