[PlanetCCRMA] broken Xine

Bert Haskins bhaskins@chartermi.net
Sat Aug 20 14:18:00 2005

I am very happy to have Rosegarden working along with the M-Audio Uno
thanks to much help from you and others on the net.
In the process though I have badly farkeled both Xine and Totem.
Xine will play mpg but not avi or DVDs
Totem won't do much of anything other than totally lock up the system, 
requiring a power down.
I have rpm -e and reinstalled both of these with little on no change.
Xine worked very well before the updates that made Rosegarden come to life
Is there some way to completely remove X&T and all of their dependencies 
so that I can do a
total reinstall ?

My other problem is that if I power up with the Uno connected the system 
goes bonkers.
With the Uno out, it is OK.
I did the two blacklist adds

I am using Version 2.6.10-2.1.ll and 2.6.10-0.1.rdt kernels and notice 
little or no difference
between the two.

The machine is a 1GHZ IBM A30 laptop.