[PlanetCCRMA] Tascam 428 startup and inputs 3 and 4

Eric Princen eprincen@boatertalk.com
Sat Aug 20 11:20:02 2005

Thanks for everyone's previous help. I'm almost there...

I have the 428 usable now with inputs 1 and 2. I currently have to
manually get it going by running usx2yloader;us428control &. Is there
way to do that in modproble.conf automatically on module load and/or on
hotplug? Certainly would be nice to have the device simply work right
out of the box. It's usable now in a limited way, but not yet how I
would prefer (which I'm still very happy about. Don't get me wrong. :-)

Question number 2 is about inputs 3 and 4, which are the ones I tend to
use if I'm going guitar directly into the board. 1 and 2 are fine for
vocals, but I'd like to get as close to full functionality as possible.
I have not found a way to enable them. Is there a module setting

BTW, Ardour is pretty sweet. Is there any documentation on us428control?
I don't know what applications can use it's services, and what ones
don't. I see that it's simply a MIDI device to Jack, which is nice. What
can I see it work with?

Thanks everyone,

-Eric ;-)