[PlanetCCRMA] Advice on Music Laptop?

Henk Jansen henk.jansen1@tno.nl
Thu Aug 18 02:03:02 2005

What about a Dell Inspiron 8100? It's an old yet outstanding performer, 
reccommended as a very good "used-laptop item" 
and Fedora Core 3 seems to be running fine on it
(http://www.cims.nyu.edu/~barnett/laptop_setup/). For music recording
purposes it also must be quiet and without electronic noise in the
circuit. Anyone experiences (or opinions) about the machine??



On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 14:58, Henk Jansen wrote:
> Hi:
> I'm in the process of deciding which laptop to buy for good quality
> music recording (obviously using the CCRMA software). Therefore I want
> to buy a robust and toil free Linux compatible laptop connected to an
> external soundcard. As regards the latter I've set my mind on an RME
> Digiface, which will cost me around $500. With an estimated budget of
> appr. $1200 for the overall system this leaves me with appr. $700 for a
> laptop, which therefore (...I believe...?) should be 2nd hand (I'm
> interested in a reasonably fast good quality computer rather than one
> with all kind of fancy stuff). Now, I've read a good report about
> Linux/Fedora on an IBM Thinkpad T30 (http://www.linux-laptop.net) which
> I believe can be found within the limitations of my budget. I'd like to
> see one question answered really however before I buy such a machine:
> 1) Is it a good choice, or can better laptops (considering the purpose)
> be bought (new or 2ndhand) for the same or little more money?
> 2) I.o.w. what are good alternatives?
> Thanks for your time and advice,
> --Henk
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