[PlanetCCRMA] Advice on Music Laptop?

Henk Jansen burley@zonnet.nl
Wed Aug 17 05:56:01 2005


I'm in the process of deciding which laptop to buy for good quality
music recording (obviously using the CCRMA software). Therefore I want
to buy a robust and toil free Linux compatible laptop connected to an
external soundcard. As regards the latter I've set my mind on an RME
Digiface, which will cost me around $500. With an estimated budget of
appr. $1200 for the overall system this leaves me with appr. $700 for a
laptop, which therefore (...I believe...?) should be 2nd hand (I'm
interested in a reasonably fast good quality computer rather than one
with all kind of fancy stuff). Now, I've read a good report about
Linux/Fedora on an IBM Thinkpad T30 (http://www.linux-laptop.net) which
I believe can be found within the limitations of my budget. I'd like to
see one question answered really however before I buy such a machine:

1) Is it a good choice, or can better laptops (considering the purpose)
be bought (new or 2ndhand) for the same or little more money?
2) I.o.w. what are good alternatives?

Thanks for your time and advice,


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