[PlanetCCRMA] Playing sound while logged out

Vegard Sandvold vegard.sandvold@notam02.no
Tue Aug 16 09:37:01 2005


maybe someone can help me solve a (I would believe) rather rare problem.

I have recently set up a sound installation on a FC3 with planetccrma,
where cron is used to schedule hourly sound playback through sndplay. The
system is running unsupervised, without any users logged in.

This creates a problem, however, because sndplay is not allowed access to
the sound card when the user owning the cron job is not logged on! Which
means no sound! Everything works fine when I'm logged on, and /dev/dsp has
the following permissions and ownership:
crw-------  1 riksarkivet root 14, 3 Aug  6 03:50 /dev/dsp

Any ideas why this problem occurs? And how to get around it? Just changing
the permissions won't work, as they are reverted when I log out.

Thanks in advance,