[PlanetCCRMA] MIDI sequencers are slowing down

Martin Buechler martin.buechler@vrweb.de
Fri Aug 12 09:21:01 2005

Hi all,

Sorry, I am new to this list, I guess this must have been an issue 1000
times before.

I had to upgrade to FC3 since my old RH8 disk broke, and then switched
to the PlanetCCRMA packages and kernel. I installed everything with
synaptic. Now uname -a gives 

Linux ardour 2.6.10-2.1.ll.rhfc3.ccrma #1 Thu Dec 30 03:08:13 EST 2004
i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux

FC3 runs very slow compared to RH8 on my machine, seq24 complains about
underruns right from the beginning of every track, and slows down more
and more every second, the same mith muse. Maybe my athlon 700MHz is
suddenly to slow for realtime audio and FC3 :-\
My problem seems to be, that setuid root does not work for all gtk-
programs anymore, and even muse always throttles far behind a timing you
may call something like rythm. What is going on here?
If I start muse or jack, I see messages like
mjsucaps: capsetp: Operation not permitted
jackstart: cannot get realtime capabilities, current capabilities are:
           =ep cap_setpcap-ep
    probably running under a kernel with capabilities disabled,
    a suitable kernel would have printed something like "=eip"

Actually I must admit, that I do know, if this is the real problem and
if, how to get capabilities working.

Any suggestion are welcome