[PlanetCCRMA] No Sound.

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 10 15:36:01 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 15:15, Tim Berghoff wrote:
> Hi Scott!
> I recently had the same problem, that there was no sound after booting 
> the machine. It took a while until I figured out what the reason was, 
> but thanks to Fernando and Brad the problem could be solved - for some 
> strange reason, the Master Output and PCM channel were muted
> on startup. Just had to type alsamixer and turn them up; et voila: let 
> there be sound. I have to do this everytime I reboot the system, but 
> who cares - my machine is running 24/7 anyway.

It should not be necessary to do this manually, "/usr/sbin/alsactl
store" should store the mixer settings (in /etc/asound.state), if you
have enabled the alsasound script the settings should be restored at
boot time. To check status of the startup script:
  /sbin/chkconfig --list alsasound
to enable the script:
  /sbin/chkconfig alsasound on
or you could restore manually to test:
  /usr/sbin/alsactl restore

> scott james schrieb:
> >Since I've installed the ccrma kernals and the
> >applications last night, I have lost my audio mixer. I
> >have no sound at all in my system and at boot I also
> >get "Warning there is no realtime in this kernal" How
> >would I get both of theese things back?

The warning is not a problem if you are running one of the new edge
kernels. The mechanism for access to the realtime privileges has changed
and is built into the kernel itself (no longer needs a separate kernel

-- Fernando