[PlanetCCRMA] planetedge kernels and POSIX semaphores

Charlls Quarra charlls_quarra@yahoo.com.ar
Sat Aug 6 18:48:01 2005

 --- Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU>

> Sorry I did not answer the specific question. The
> nptl patch and the low
> latency and preemption patches are not compatible as
> is, that is why I
> did not include nptl. I imagine they could be
> changed and merged but
> that's for gurus with a lot of time in their hands. 
> If you need nptl and rh9 you could use the
> capabilities enabled Planet
> CCRMA kernel that derives from the original RedHat
> kernel but the
> tradeoff is that the latency behavior is not that
> good. 

 Thanks Nando. Btw, i relate the NPTL support with the
"sem_open : function not implemented" problem because
i've websearched a lot about this mysterious issue,
and from what i gathered it seems is related with
patching and recompiling the kernel and forgetting to
enable NPTL (the RH9 default kernel has NPTL support)

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