[PlanetCCRMA] Jack and Cinelerra

Turkay Guner turkayguner@gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 00:30:02 2005

Well, i'd tried to get into Cinerella but couldn't make it run
properly, that was pretty much time ago...

If i'm not wrong the Cinerella developer team finished the program
progress due to some reasons, again i may be wrong..

Good luck, you'll need it

On 8/6/05, Joseph Dell'Orfano <fullgo@dellorfano.net> wrote:
> I posted this to the cinelerra message board and was ignored, sadly. I
> am posting here on the off chance that there may be LAU folks who are
> also using cinelerra for video.
> I wonder if there has been any interest in making cinelerra Jack-
> capable. This would make it so much easier to audio for my video
> projects. For example, this would allow me to sync ardour or rosegarden
> with cinelerra.
> Just a thought.
> -Joe D
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> Joseph Dell'Orfano <fullgo@dellorfano.net>
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