[PlanetCCRMA] Re: USB2 Soundcard

Dave S dave@m-1.com
Fri Aug 5 18:23:00 2005

Henk Jansen <henk.jansen1 <at> tno.nl> writes:
Does anyone have ideas (or links to) as to what are good (and
> affordable, under $200) linux supported USB2.0 stereo soundcards?
> (multichannel is too much for now).
> If it were for USB1.0 I would probably choose M-Audio Audiophile 2496
> but that's USB1.1 only... Am I exaggerating USB2's advantage over
> USB1's...?

i just installed fedora core 4 and it saw my m-audio mobilepre usb just fine. 
sound worked straight out of the box.  two weeks ago i was under the assumption
that this device would absolutely never work under linux.  that's progress.  i
bought my mobilepre for $100 on ebay.  the difference between 1.1 and 2.0 on a
two channel device is inconsequential.  get an 8 channel device and you'll need
2.0 or firewire.

now the issue for me is that from what i understand, i cannot go backwards in my
kernel (ccrma low-latency) or my mobilepre will fail to work.  it's gotta be one
of the newest kernels to get the usb audio devices to fly without tearing your
hair out.

good luck.